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Sezgin Aytuna has Ph.D. and M.S. degrees from two US universities; University of Cincinnati, OH and West Virginia University, WV, respectively. His diverse and integrated background lends itself to the creation of real economic values for his company and/or his clients. He has worked in a variety of cultures, locations and projects with different responsibilities which allows him to meet the challenges and accomplish the established goals and objectives of each project he undertakes.

He is a competent individual group leader and/or team player. He has been involved in the development, motivation and supervision of national and international earth scientists. His interpersonal skills and sense of obligation lend themselves to real economic productivity.

His strengths are; data mining for all the onshore and offshore basins in Turkey, defining new potential areas in old areas, exploration and exploitation project development and management; establishing a liaision office in your company and obtaining Petroleum Exploration Licenses.

Geological Skills

Worked as an exploration coordinator for 9 onshore & 5 offshore exploration wells and 31 onshore development wells in Turkey and one exploration and one development wells in Jordan and Georgia, respectfully.
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Operational Skills

Worked as an operation and well-site geologist for 9 exploration & 5 offshore wells, 31 development wells in Turkey and one exploration and two development wells in Jordon, Georgia and Northern Iraq, respectfully.
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Negotiation Skills

Negotiated 3 major joint venture agreements and 13 amendments between major US and host country oil and gas companies.
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Managerial Skills

Actively assisted in establishment and registration of US companies in Turkey; managed application of related petroleum laws and regulations, allowing smooth operation with local authorities.
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Has attended a number of in house ARCO and industry-sponsored schools.
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