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Sezgin Aytuna, Ph.D., is a business oriented Petroleum Geologist with 23 years of industry experience, having worked for or with major US, Canada and UK oil and gas companies, extensively taking part in negotiation and establishment of their joint ventures with the Turkish National Oil Company (TPAO).

He has a long and excellent employment record and has exemplary references for his previous employers and other well-known individuals within the US petroleum industry. Without exception, he maintains the highest ethical standards and consistently maintains strict professional and industry standards.

Clients and Employers

Has worked for, or with, major private US, Canadian, UK oil companies and national oil companies of Azerbaijan, China and Turkey.
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New Ventures

Has actively participated in new venture negotiations and projects in SE Turkey, offshore Black Sea and Mediterranian Sea, Turkey and in Kura-Caspian Basin, Azerbaijan.
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Exploration Operations

Has extensive experienced in field acquisitions, operational geology, exploration coordinations, licence evaluations and prospect generations.
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Business Developments

Has performed joint venture negotiations between major US and host country oil and gas companies in Turkey and Azerbaijan.
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Development & Production Operations

Participated in development projects in 3 oil fields discovered by ARCO in SE Turkey.
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Has conducted exploration Zn-Pb-Cu and Au minerals in Turkey.
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